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At Richman Animal Clinic we strongly recommend that you have your pet fitted with a microchip and keep the information in the chip keeping up-to-date. Microchips drastically increase the likelihood of your pet being returned to you if they ever get lost or run away.

What Is Microchipping?

Microchips are incredibly tiny radio frequency identification devices implanted in pets. They are often contained in a small glass capsule and fixed in the tissue between the shoulder blades using a needle. The process is painless and easy, and once finished, your pet now has a unique identification code that can only be accessed and traced to the owner once the chip is “read” by a transponder.

When stray pets are brought in for treatment, it’s crucial that the animal’s owners can be identified instantly so that important decisions can then be made.

The Benefits of Microchipping

There have been plenty of headlines in the news about the heartfelt reunions between lost pets and their owners. Some cases have resolved quickly, while others have taken months or even years. What mattered in every case is the microchip connecting the animal to the rightful pet owner.

The average cost to have your pet microchipped by a veterinarian is a one-time fee with registration tied to the chip’s database. There are no batteries attached to the microchip, which means there are no parts that must be charged or eventually replaced.  And while the microchip does not follow your pet’s every move (in other words, it’s not a GPS device), the chip will last your pet’s lifetime and never have to be replaced.

I Want to Get My Pet Microchipped. Now What?

Microchips should always be implanted under the watchful eye of a veterinarian in case there are any complications. When you make an appointment with us, your pet can be microchipped the same day. Microchips. Call us at (440) 585-3600 to schedule an appointment today!