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Who Is That Masked Man?!

Preparing Your Pets for Holiday Guests The holiday season may be a little different this year, but chances are you’ll be having more people in your home than you’ve had… Read more

Preparing Your Pet For Paw-liday Travel

It’s a safe bet that there will be more road trips than plane flights for most of us this holiday season. If you’re planning to hit the highway and take… Read more

Tips for Helping Your Scared Pup

Thunderstorm season is here. Not only do dogs hear better than humans, they can be sensitive to the changes in barometric pressure and react to thunder long before humans hear… Read more

Giardia Is No Joke!

Pronounced jee-ARE-dee-ya, it’s not a worm, bacteria, or virus—just a simple, one-celled parasite that can make your pet (and you) feel terrible. It’s also pretty common. While infected pets may not… Read more

High Temps and Hot Pets

Serious summer heat is coming and many animals—especially those outdoors—struggle to keep cool because they can’t process heat as effectively as we do. Here are some tips for keeping your… Read more

Parasites Don’t Take a Break! Make Sure Your Pet is Protected.

Flea, tick and heartworm prevention isn’t just a summer thing—year-round protection from these pests could be a life saver. The Companion Animal Parasite Council reports that for the fourth year in a… Read more

Cold Weather Safety Tips for Pets

It’s not just your house and car that need winterization – your pet does, too! Here are a few tips to keep your animal companion healthy and happy through the… Read more

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