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Tips for Helping Your Scared Pup

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Tips for Helping Your Scared Pup

Thunderstorm season is here. Not only do dogs hear better than humans, they can be sensitive to the changes in barometric pressure and react to thunder long before humans hear any rumbling. Some dogs are frightened of sirens, and even a car backfiring can startle and scare them.

Your dog may be one of the thousands that are terrified of these loud, unexpected noises. If your pet trembles, whines, drools, or clings to you when there’s loud noises, he or she likely suffers from a condition known as noise aversion.

There are several things you can do to help your pet:

  • Turn on soothing music to dull the noise or try distracting your dog with games and toys.
  • If your pet is healthy enough, vigorous exercise or play can sometimes help alleviate stress.
  • If exercise and distraction aren’t options, there are natural solutions to try including compression clothing like a Thundershirt or calming aromatherapy herbals such as lavender oil.

Some pets are so anxious they need anti-anxiety medications and sedatives. If any of the above approaches don’t work, we’re happy to consult with you about possible treatments that are good for both short-term anxiety and long-term care. 

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