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Pests & Parasites

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Pests & Parasites

Pests & Parasites

Fleas, ticks, and mosquitos really bug your pet, and, contrary to popular opinion, these pests aren’t just annoying. Fleas can transmit tapeworm and cause anemia, while ticks are well-known carriers of many harmful conditions, including Lyme disease.

Heartworm is another – and even graver – threat. Mosquitos can transmit the deadly worms to pets through just one bite. Sadly, many animals don’t show symptoms until the disease is advanced, if at all. While there is treatment for canines, it is expensive and can be very hard on your pet. (There is no heartworm cure for cats.)

As the name suggests, heartworms live in the heart, and they can also thrive in the lungs and blood vessels. Because they constrict blood flow, they can damage internal organs and cause lung disease and heart failure.

At Richman Animal Clinic, we carry a wide array of preventatives that protect your pet from pests, and we recommend, too, that you bring your best friend in for annual heartworm tests to make sure the preventatives are working effectively.

If you need to stock up on preventative medication or schedule an appointment for a heartworm test, call us at (440) 585-3600. Together, we can keep your pet comfortable and safe.