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Bjorn, Assistant Treat Manager

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Bjorn, Assistant Treat Manager

Bjorn, Assistant Treat Manager

Hello there! My name is Bjorn and I live at Richman Animal Clinic. My family chose my name because in Swedish, Bjorn means bear, and I needed a tough name for being such a little guy! Some good Samaritans saved me after being hit by a car around 6 weeks old and took me right to Dr. Pawling to get me all fixed up. While I have some long-lasting medical issues, doc patched me all up! I may leave a little tinkle sprinkle when I come to greet you in the lobby as I am a VERY friendly boy! I love to boop small dogs if they’re on the front desk and if your kitty is crying in the lobby? I’ll likely come say hello and reassure them everything will be okay! My hobbies include sitting on the office managers shoulder, sleeping on the printer, bird watching, bug catching and my favorite thing to do is nap!